About me!

Hey there! Welcome to my page! My name is Dominique and I am the one behind the lens. I'm a Florida grown gal but I spent the last three years of my life traveling all over the United States with my boyfriend, who is a Journeyman Lineman.  We spent most of that three years in California but have just recently purchased land in Florida and will start building our house soon, so we are headed back home!

When it comes to personality, I have a big one. I am an absolute goofball who will talk your ear off if you give me the chance, however it's exactly the type of person you need needed to create a fun, stress free experience. Trust me you don't want a quiet and shy photographer on your wedding day! I am also a hard core animal lover (except for spiders, ya'll can keep those!) and have a whole zoo including two extremely hyper, but adorable,  Australian Cattle Dogs, geckos, horses and I am sure there will be many more pets to come once our house is complete. So if you have a pet, it is ALWAYS okay to bring them. In 2020, during the midst of COVID I graduated with a bachelors degree from UCF in marine biology.  Somehow all my plans changed and that transferred into a photography career, who knew! I also have a second gig as a western boutique owner and a few other side hustles in the works ;)

Our nomadic lifestyle has allowed me to visit so many new locations around the country, but there are still SO many more on my bucket list so I am always down to travel. If you have a destination wedding or elopement, don't count me out just cause I am not local! I would love to chat about any ideas or questions you may have so head on over to the contact page and lets get that convo started!